Sunday, January 25, 2009

What me Retire?

Lately I have been giving serious consideration to taking the big plunge into a second semi-retirement -- retiring from the USAF and then becoming a prof was my first semi-retirement.

Oh, I also decided to start using capitalization as appropriate. When I was in the USN we used 100 wpm (words per minute) teletypes which only had capital letters. Not having to worry about capitalization facilitates faster typing, but hey, I will go back to the flow and cap as I go.

Um, back to retiring, I have mixed feelings about such a big step. So, I am hoping the university and I can work out a progressive retirement deal, sort of like a progressive dinner. Progressive in that I envision a gradual shift into retirement; first elimination of ancillary responsibilities, like advising, committees, etc., then a reduced course load.

If it is a go, we will go; go that is back to Texas and begin to seriously do the work needed to build our home on our raw land. Yep, raw land in need of much improvement before a home can be built. Just as we all are "raw land" in need of much improvement. The land will certainly not be completely improved in my life time.

Personally I feel that God is in the business of person improvement until we leave this mortal plane for an immortal multidimensional existence. So, to me moving into semi-retirement is just another step in God's improvement plan for me and maybe, just maybe, I will finally no longer be able to say, "I have never lived longer than 4 years in any one place in my life." That will be nice.